Friday, 7 February 2014

(A slightly late) This Week's New Music feat. Timbre Timbre, Holly Herndon, Quantic and more...

Just popping by to share a bunch of new music. This week I've got shoe gazing rock, Latin grooves and some sliced-up electronica amongst my selection. Let's not waste any more time and get to it.  

Timbre Timbre – Hot Dreams
Whilst I'd heard the name before it was only a few days ago that I first heard Timbre Timbre's music with they new single Hot Dreams. It's a warm and sultry song like a sexually charged take on Burt Bacharach's crooner pop that sounds like it shouldn't work but somehow seduces you over it's five minute duration with smooth keys and saxophone harmonies. The band's third full length album, also titled Hot Dreams, should be out on April 1st through Arts & Crafts.  

Quantic – Duvidó
He may have been born in Worcestershire but Will Holland, also known as Quantic, has been putting out music influenced by styles such as samba, bossa nova and soul often collaborating with arists from all over the world. His new album Magnetica is Quantic's first solo album since 2006's An Announcement to Answer though he released a slew of material as Quantic Soul Orchestra and Quantic & His Combo Barbaro. Featuring vocals from Angolan-born, Portugal-based singer Pongolove with a propulsive kick drum and marimba rhythms his new track Duvidó is the perfect antidote for the miserable weather outside. Magnetica is released on 5 May on Tru Thoughts.

Alden Penner - Precession 

The last time I'd heard new music from the one time Unicorns member Alden Penner was with his equally short-lived band Clues back in 2009. Well back in December he managed to put out an EP under his own name which seemed to slip right under the radar. The track here contain a lo-fi charm that'll feel familiar to any fans of his previous work. The tracks are on this EP are set to turn up on his forthcoming full-length LP, Exegesis, out on February 4th and the Precession EP was released back in December and you can pick it up on Penner's bandcamp.  

Cheatahs – Get Tight

Are there enough band's taking on early nineties rock to be called a scene? Between groups like Yuck and History of Apple Pie you could be forgiven for thinking the decade that gave us Nirvana never ended. Cheatahs are another band taking more than a little inspiration from that decade and on this track Get Tight they mix up Dinosaur jr's slacker riffs and My Bloody Valentine's thick walls of distortion. The self-titled debut album is out Feb 10 on Wichita.  

Holly Herndon - Chorus
I wasn't quite sure what to make of the new single from electronic experimenter Holly Herndon but after a few listens the track seemingly disparate pieces seemed to slot together. The track trick seems to have been build up like a collage using samples of her everyday life creating effect that feels simultaneously alien and familiar. The Chorus single back with the track Solo Voice came out last week on RVNG intl.  

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust (Factory Floor Remix)

I shared the new track Wanderlust from Wild Beast's forthcoming record Present Tense a fortnight ago and figured I'd finish off this week with a remix of that track by warped noise dance purveyors Factory Floor. The mix seems to rid itself of anything that resembles the original except maybe a few snippets of vocals taking it to another place entirely with its abstract dance floor pulse. The remix will show up on the Wanderlust EP along with the original track and a remix from The Field. The EP is due out on the same day as Present Tense, 24th February through Domino.

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