Sunday, 2 March 2014

This Week's New Music feat The Horrors, Woods, Dauwd and more...

Welcome to your one stop shop for all this new and musical, come get your dose of the latest musical offerings. Amongst my selection this weeks varies from the psychedelic to the noise-ridden, from aggressive dancefloor tracks to minimal pop. Get stuck in.  

The Horrors - I See You
 Though I enjoyed The Horror's debut album Strange House (which came out way back in 2007) it was only with their second album Primary Colours that I think the band really proved they had staying power with it's blend of noise pop and krautrock. The band have now unveiled the first track I See You from their fourth album Luminous by following the Youtube based trend of lyric video (even though the track only features lyrics for the first half of its seven and a half minutes). And in that second half the group really shines brightly with a celebratory rising progression and showing that they sound a long way away from where they started. Luminous arrives on May 5 through XL.  

Perfect Pussy - Interference Fits
Look past the eyebrow raising name and there's a lot to like about the New York group Perfect Pussy. I'm a sucker for anything that recalls the noise guitar storms of late 80's Sonic Youth and this band take that sound on with a vicious punk enthusiasm. Interference Fits, from the band's debut album Say Yes To Love, sees front woman Meredith Graves channelling more than a little of Kim Gordon's attitude in this chaotic, roaring track. Say Yes To Love is out the 17th of march through Captured Tracks.  

Woods – Moving To The Left Here's a new song from the productive group Woods. A blend of psychedelia and sunny folk-rock, full of harmonises and chiming guitar leads, Moving To The Left is laid back and rough enough that it could have fit in with the bands from Elephant Six label in the late nineties. The groups sixth album With Light and With Love comes out in April on the band's own Woodsist label.  

FKA x inc - FKA x inc
FKA Twigs and Inc. seem to have a lot in common. Both are hotly tipped acts and seem to share a featherweight touch in the way they approach music. They've collaborated on this one-off self-titled single of subdued and minimal pop. The vocals often barely there and the instruments feel sparse but there is a tension left in the spaces that carries the song. The seven inch single is out now on Young Turks.  

Clark - Superscope
Electronic maestro Clark has thrown up a lot of musical curve balls over his career, enough that the hard hitting and seemingly straight forward new single Superscope may be surprising. This is still unmistakeable Clark as the percussion clips along and the synths warp and groan as if they are being twisted against their will. The single, backed with the track Riff Through The Fog, is out on March 10th through Warp records.  

Dauwd - Lydia Having put out some well received EPs with different labels, London-based producer Dauwd now seems to have found a home with the prestigious Cologne label Kompact for his latest EP Kindlinn. Lydia, the lead track, is an immaculately produced offering of joyous techno, perfectly balancing starry eyed melodies with a playful streak coming through in the skipping drum fills and restless synths. Released through Kompakt, Dauwd is set to drop his Kindlinn EP on April 7.

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