Friday, 22 November 2013

This Week's New Music feat. Vessels, Neneh Cherry, Bonobo and more...

Once more I've gathered some of the most interesting audio arrangements that I've recently stumbled upon and collected them together in this here column. What have I found this week? Well I have a collaboration, a comeback, a remix and a refix amongst my selection. Read on to find out more...  

Vessels - Elliptic (radio edit)

Vessels have always taken liberally from both electronica and rock music but here it feel like the balance has slipped, with the new track Elliptic. It grows, swells and retreats like something from the world of minimal house but still, the atmospheric electronica suits them and they still pack a punch with live drums, percussion and guitars getting more than a look in. The group have a full length follow up to their last album Heliospcope on the way next year, still at half an hour in length their latest EP should keep instrumental rock fans happy for the time being. You can pick up the EP, also titled Elliptic, now from Vessels' bancamp page.

Neneh Cherry - Blank Project Beyond an album of covers released last year, Neneh Cherry hadn't put out an album in 16 years, now she's decided to breakout on her own once more with an upcoming solo album of original material titled Blank Project. For the album, Neneh is backed by London group RocketNumberNine, with production coming from Four Tet, and a collaboration with Robyn. She has put out the title track which has more than a little grit in its low end synthesizers and chaotic drum patters but still it's her voice and delivery that stand tall in the mix. Smalltown Supersound will release Blank Project on February 25th.  

Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game These two Aussie beatsmiths have worked together before, collaborating on a track from Flumes debut LP last year, and are teaming once more for a full EP worth of material. This track from the EP mines the kind of soulful, synthesizer driven electronica they've both been crafting for some time now and they really have helped to put together a sound of their own. From Flume & Chet Faker's Lockjaw EP out Nov 25 through Future Classic.  

Thee Silver Mount Zion - Austerity Blues (excerpt) I'm already certain Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything will be the best album title of 2014. How can you top that? The title belongs the the upcoming release from Thee Silver Mount Zion, who share members with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. And yes, that 7 minute track is just an excerpt, with the full version reaching 14 minutes. Still this track seems to go on quite a journey over its duration so it'll be interesting to see how the whole track plays out when the album comes out on 21 January 2014 through Constellation Records. You can also check out this somewhat strange trailer for the album here.

 GEMS – Pegasus Sure, you've heard a million other dream pop artists by now, but the guys have something with this track, some melodic guitar playing, sharp production and when the song cuts back for the chorus and the male and female vocals come in together it is really quite pretty. The groups debut EP Medusa is out now on Never Age Records.  

Bonobo - First Fires (Maya Jane Coles remix) [soundcloud url="" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] I'm gonna finish up this week with a remix of First Fires, the first track from Bonobo's latest record The North Borders by house star Maya Jane Coles. The track opts for a no nonsense 4/4 beat, giving the track a generous amount of low end bass and transforming it into an altogether more dance floor ready beast. Bonobo has just put out his contribution to the long-running Late Night Tales compilation series and both Bonobo and Maya have put out well-received full length records earlier in the year.

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