Friday, 15 November 2013

This Week's New Music feat. Metronomy, Angel Olsen, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and more...

Here's another selection of musical offerings from the last seven days and I think I have something for everyone with the diverse range of music that has fallen upon my ears this week. Want some jangly lyrical indie rock? Got ya covered. Electro pop? Got that too. Hip Hop? Noise? Warped electronica? Ch-ch-check it out...  

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Lariat

Maybe the recent Pavement reunion is done now, with front man Stephen Malkmus's announcement of a new solo album. What’s more the riff that carries the first single Lariat is one that could have come from just about any time in his career. It's those familiar and loose guitar style and detail rich lyrics that are instantly familiar and make you think maybe we don't need another Pavement record anyway. The new album Wig Out At Jagbags is out Jan 6.

Angel Olsen – Forgiven / Forgotten

Coming out of nowhere, last year's debut Half Way Home by Angel Olsen became on of my most listened to records of the last twelve months. So I was more than a little bit pleased to find out that her follow up to that record, entitled Burn Your Fire For No Witness, had been announced. This track from the album is almost over before it starts but serves as a nice teaser, with a much fuller sound than anything from Olsen's debut but still has that distinctive voice that made her first album so compelling. Burn Your Fire For No Witness is out Feb 18th on Jagjaguwar.

Metronomy - I’m Aquarius

Metronomy return with a new single, the first from their upcoming album Love Letters. Following the success of the their last album, the well-received The English Riviera, the group have put out this stripped back electro pop cut titled I'm Aquarius, which hints that this forthcoming release will be just as hook-filled as its predecessor. Love Letters is out in the distant future of March the 10th 2014 on Because Music.

Death Grips – Two Heavens

Death Grips came out of nowhere to release a new album Government Plates on wednesday night, announcing it on Facebook and sharing links to some file hosting sites. No fanfare or build up, it seems like a reaction to their recent troubles with major labels which ended with them ending their deal. Death Grips were never a major label band anyway. If you haven't heard for them before be warned, the group's abrasive, distorted and sometimes abstract take on hip hop isn't for everyone. You'll either love it and start rocking along like a loon or hate it from the start so give it a listen and if you are the former then check out the whole album available on the band's website thirdworlds or on their Facebook.

Marijuana Deathsquads - Ewok Sadness

Yeah, with that combination of band name and song title you know you're in for something a little strange but I still found myself unprepared for the unrestrained weirdness of Marijuana Deathsquads. The band features members of Policia and Gayngs and has collaborated with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Eric Wareheim and Har Mar Superstar. In fact I'm not gonna even bother describing this track that I have here, just go and give it a listen. Their latest album titled Oh My Sexy Lord came out last month. Quite possibly my new favourite band.

DMT Usher by Fis

Sometimes a track comes along, more often than not from the more electronic spectrum, that creates a sound that throws you sideways. The kind of sound that you just have no sonic reference to compare it to. That's how I felt hearing DMT Usher by New Zealand beat crafter Fis when this whirring noise that sounds as if it came from the engines of some alien machinery washes in over ambient sounds before the beat and some hefty sub bass strikes and lifts the whole track up into another plane. Tri Angle will release Preparations on 18th November 2013 which features the above track. Fis also has an EP out on Void Coms titled Homologous which came out this week.

Jitwam - Keepyourbusinesstoyourself

Jitwam may come from Australia, via Manipur, but as this track shows he has more than a little of the LA sound in his tunes, the retro funk samples of Madlib and the slow motion soul of Gonjasufi. Unsurprisingly, the debut EP by the young beatmaker was mastered by LA electronic mastermind Matthewdavid and released on his Leaving records imprint. The EP TJD001 is available now.

Ghost Culture – Mouth

I'm going to finish up this week's column with another debut, this ones more from the house spectrum from upcoming producer Ghost Culture. The track rides along on a mid-tempo spaced out house beat with some lush and laid-back vocals and gloopy bleeps filling out the airy space, feeling in step with the house revival that's currently going on but still operating in its own unique space. Ghost Culture's debut EP Mouth is out now on dance veteran Erol Aklan's Phantasy Sound label.

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