Saturday, 5 October 2013

This Week's New Music feat. Samiyam, Russian Circles, White Denim and more...

This week's selection might be the most diverse yet. There's some instrumental hip hop, slacker pop and even Cambodian garage rock (yes, you read that right) and that isn't even the half of it. And I was going to share the stream of Four Tet's new album, but it seems to have been taken down after just one day. Bugger. But I've still got plenty more new music for you so, with little more to do, lets get on with it.

The Cambodian Space Project - SVA ROM MONKEY

Winners of this week's best band name award and purveyors of 60s indebted rock and pop, this group from Phnom Penh claims to hark back to the “golden age” 1960s Cambodian pop. Now I'll be honest, I have no idea about the “golden age” of Cambodian pop but if it all sounds as cool as this, then I might have some digging to do. This track features great, crushing guitar tones ripping up the standard twelve bar riff and vocals made up of wild howls. It was recorded live in Detroit with Jim Diamond, who has previously worked with The White Stripes. They released their second album earlier this year called Not Easy Rock & Roll which you can purchase or listen to here.

Samiyam – Snakes On The Moon

And this week's worst album art award goes to Samiyam for his album Wish You Where Here (yeah, I'll stop with the awards). Bad artwork aside, I’m eager to here this new release from one of the most easily identifiable producers to have come out of the West Coast beat scene, especially as his last album, Sam Baker's Album, was full of brilliant and slightly off-balance instrumental hip-hop. Out now digitally, and physically from the 8th of October through Stones Throw and Leaving Home records.

The Stevens - Hindsight

Melbourne seems to be home to no end of jangly, slacker-pop bands, and many of them seem to be rather good. This group, The Stevens, seem to specialise in short and sharp pop songs, fitting in as many hooks as they can over its short duration. In fact their upcoming debut album will an feature 24 songs over its 44 minutes. The curiously titled album A History of Hygiene is due out on November 1 on Chapter Music.

White Denim – At Night In Dreams

This soulful and rocking track from the Austin, Texas four piece channels more than a little Thin Lizzy and maybe some T-rex too. The band seem to have a 70s fixation, and its no bad thing bringing plenty of energy and some rather cool lead guitar work to the table. This is the second single from their fifth album, Corsica Lemonade, out on October 29th on Downtown Records.

Sebastien Grainger - Going With You

At least in my opinion, Death From Above 1979 must be one of the best bands only to have released a single album. It managed to fit in with what was going on with music at the time, yet still sound like nothing else. That one album meant a lot to a lot of people, enough for the band to reform in 2011, and although the promise of new material remains, it seems a little less likely with the announcement that band member Sebastien Grainger is continuing with his solo career as he prepares to release new LP, Yours to Discover. Its might be enough to keep those hoping for more DFA material happy. It at least captures some of the more dance orientated energy, albeit with a more 80s twist. The LP is out November 12 through Last Gang records.

Russian Circles - Memorial

I'm a little late with this one, seeing as its been around the internet for three weeks already, but I thought I'd share it as it is rather special. The post-metal three piece seem to have dropped the metal part of their sound for this track, and enlisted Chelsea Wolfe to add some rather lush vocals to the dreamy backdrop. This will be the title track and closer on album number five for the band, and if you're worrying that they have dropped the metal from the sound checkout the slightly blackened metal of the track Deficit to reassure yourself that they still know their way around a palm muted riff. Memorial is out on October the 29th on Seargent House.

Thundercat – Bowser's Ballad

The Brainfeeder records bass guitar virtuoso has created this musical tribute to Nintendo boss Hiroshi Yamauchi, one of the key figures in the evolution of the gaming industry, passed away at the age of 85. The piece manages to create an authentic recreation of early Nintendo, harking back to the days of the NES console, without simply resorting 8 bit noises. Instead Thundercat uses bass and warm keys to conjure those nostalgic sounds that played a large part in many of our childhoods.

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