Saturday, 12 October 2013

This Week's New Music feat. David Bowie, No Joy, Mapei and more...

  Another week, another selection of mighty fine tracks for you to check out. Strangely enough this week's biggest track might just be a remix, though we have a rather big pop song hot on its heels. There's also some dream pop, unreleased electronica and trip-hop leaning music all vying for your attention so let's get down to business...  

David Bowie - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy

Lets start off with this much hyped remix of this track from David Bowie's latest album The Next Day by LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy. Not only does it make a direct reference to minimalist composer Steve Reich's Clapping Music it also takes sounds from other Bowie tracks, with the lead melody from Ashes to Ashes cropping up in there. Despite all the that, the tune retains that unmistakable DFA sound that James Murphy has been a large part of for over a decade now. As the track grows and retreats and builds once more over its hefty ten minute duration over a steady assured beat it stands as a perfect cross section between the two musicians, and makes clear the impact and influence Bowie has had on James Murphy's past music. The track will be released as part of a special three-disc version of The Next Day released on November 4th through Columbia.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - Windflower This group are definitely one of my favourite discoveries of the year, the canadian band's self-titled debut album came out in 2011 and mixed together seventies prog-rock, metal and Japanese theatrical rock into their own unique concoction of visual and narrative music. This track from their upcoming release UZU continues what they started, with JRPG synthesizer arpeggios, chugging guitars and big stadium drums. The group's music can always avoid the usual proggressive-rock dangers of falling into indulgence as this track shows, they never stay in one place too long, always driving their story forward. UZU is out on October 29 on Suicide Squeeze. Mapei - Don't Wait

Don't Wait is the latest single from Mapei, an American-born singer from Stockholm who returns after a five year hiatus and possibly the most pop song I’ve including here but just give it a listen and see if it isn't the catchiest thing you've heard all week. It's pretty good, right? Mapei describes her sound as “21st-century gospel or doo-wop”. You can see why, there's something classic that shines through the layers of percussion and meticulous production. Also it's great to see some unashamedly positive lyrics that seem totally different from anything in the pop world right now. Don’t Wait will officially be release on November 5th, with Mapei's debut album out in 2014 on Downtown Records.

Four Tet & Burial – Unreleased

During Four Tet's eight-hour takeover of Rinse FM a few nights back to mark the release of his latest LP Beautiful Rewind he nonchalantly dropped an old, previously unreleased track with long-time collaborator Burial. “I forgot to bring it out I guess” he says over the track's intro, whilst Burial and Four Tet obsessives managed to get a rip of the track on to Youtube within hours. For a track that might never make it to wax it really is rather good, though hardly a departure from what the duo have put out before, it shows that nobody comes close to creating the same unmistakeable atmosphere.

bEEdEEgEE - Bricks

This track comes from the solo project of Gang Gang Dance member Brian DeGraw working under is initials bEEdEEgEE. Mixing up the eclectic electronica of his main band with some strange and warped sounds and an aggressive hip hop beat, Bricks manages to sound current despite its retro leaning synth sounds. His upcoming album SUM/ONE will include vocal contributions from Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor and GGD's main vocalist Lizzi Bougatsos amongst others. SUM/ONE is out on 4AD in December.

Perera Elsewhere - Bizarre

I'm kinda late on this one, with this track being out in the wilds of the internet for about two months now, but better late than never, eh? At least I think that’s the case with this track from relative newcomer Perera Elsewhere, where comparisons have been drawn to ninties trip-hop acts, and you can see how with its downbeat atmosphere and of Perera's grand, soulful vocals at the tracks centre. Still I think the raw, unfussy production is what makes it all really stand out. Perera Elsewhere's debut LP Everlast is due out October 28th on Friends of Friends and the Bizzare EP was released last month backed by remixes by Maria Minerva and Hype Williams.

 No Joy - Last Boss

Here's a new tack from No Joy from they're forthcoming EP Pastel And Pass Out following up from their second album, Wait To Pleasure, which came out early this year. This video game referencing new single from the new EP titled Last Boss continues the groups take on dirty grunge distortion with dream pop vocals. Pastel And Pass Out is out November 4 on Mexican Summer.

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