Friday, 6 September 2013

This Week’s New Music feat. Natasha Khan, Jon Hopkins, Pixies and more...

Welcome to my latest run down of the most interesting music to bleep on to my radar over the last seven days. This week we have some experimental classical, interesting collaborations, and surprising comebacks amongst the tracks I've gathered for your listening pleasure.

 Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins - Garden's Heart Jon Hopkins has had a busy year so far, having already released a brilliant new album Immunity some months ago. It turns out he's also been working on the score for Kevin McDonald’s new film, How I Live Now (Hopkins is no stranger to film scores, having composed the music for 2010's Monsters). Hopkins has enlisted Natasha Khan to add her distinctive voice to the track which eschews the electronics of Immunity for for more traditional instrumentation. Still, its a powerful little track displaying Hopkins' keen ear for atmospherics and interestingly, the video is directed by Natasha Khan herself. The single is out October 7 through Parlophone (and the film is out on the fourth of October).

Pixies – Indie Cindy

From their new EP. Yes, you heard right, the Pixies released a new EP bearing the rather unoriginal name EP1. Having teased some music in the form of the one-off track 'Bagboy' a few weeks ago this is the most substantial release from the band since the early ninties (and lets forget about the so-so Bam Thwok! shall we?). Apparently there's more music on the way from the band despite Kim Deal's recent announcement that she is no longer part of the group. Not sure if they'll ever top their past work but still I'm quite enjoying this track and you can pick up the EP for yourselves right here.

Jackson and his Computer Band – Dead Living Things

Here’s the second single from the new album Glow by Jackson Fourgeaud who records glitchy genre-hopping electronica under the name Jackson and his Computer Band. This track mixes soulful vocals, which remind me of Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon, with a big EDM punch, this tracks been an earworm since I first heard it a few weeks ago. It also has a rather cool video full of noir-ish feel reminds me of some of the imagery in Lynch's Lost Highway. Glow was released this week on Warp records.

Los Campesinos! - What Death Leaves Behind

They may be a few members down but Los Campesinos! Seem to be tapping into something new on this track from their upcoming album No Blues. On What Death Leaves Behind the lyrics are still sharp and referential but everything feels a bit clearer, and not only in the production. The album is out October 29 through Wichita.

Tim Hecker – Virginal II

Ambient maestro Tim Hecker has a new record, Virgins on the way this October via Kranky. It was recorded across Reykjavik, Montreal and Seattle with a group of musicians and a minimal use electronics and studio processing. Here he creates a strange and uneasy sense of beauty not so far removed from the sounds heard on his last album, 2011's absorbing Ravedeath 1972. Virgins will be released on the 14th of October.

I'm not sure when album trailers became a thing but it seems we've reached a point where every big album now gets its own trailer. That's not really a criticism, just remarking that it seems to have become the standard. And they can be effective. This trailer for the upcoming Arcade Fire album, Reflecktor, that I'm gonna leave you with, despite being only 41 seconds long, has definitely piqued my interest.

Thanks for reading.

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