Sunday, 15 September 2013

This week's new music Feat. Arcade Fire, Tricky, Jessy Lanza and more...

 Yep, looks like the clouds are rolling in and summer has officially long gone, but fear not music never stops. In fact I have quite a selection of brand new tunes that I have put together from all over these here interwbs. This week's section contains everything from stadium-sized indie-rock to subdued electronica and the latest in the seemingly never ending run of reuniting 90s bands. Do read on...

Arcade Fire - Reflektor

After a fair amount of build-up and a fairly confusing marketing campaign involving spray paint tags, we finally get to listen to something from the new Arcade Fire album, and boy is it something. The 7 minute long single Reflecktor sees the group taking on more than a little influence from producer and LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. The track bounces along on a rather funky tempo and some muted guitar lines that lay behind some back and forth lines between vocalists Win and Régine. The track builds adding in some brass and synths leading to a stunning final two minutes. Expectations are now rather high for their double album, also titled Reflektor, which is out on October 28, 2013. Oh, and don't ask me what the videos about.

Sohn - Lessons

Revered record label 4AD have made a slew of interesting signings over the past few years, taking in electronica, dubstep, cloud rap amongst the indie rock they're best know for, giving them on of the most diverse rosters of any label around. That trend for unique artists seems to be continuing with Vienna based producer-vocalist Sohn, released the first single upcoming debut album. That single is a slice of melancholy pop, riding on some effectively simple beats, with a synth line that helps build the track to a crescendo-like peak. ‘Lessons’ is due out 23 September as a digital single and 25 November as a 12″ on 4AD.

Tricky - 'Valentine' (Andy Stott Remix) feat. Francesca Belmonte

Tricky released his rather good album False Idols a couple of months back now, and it was an album full of potential remix material. Manchester's Andy Stott, who put out last years fantastic Luxury Problems, has stepped up and remade the track Valentine in his own murky house style, pitch shifting Trickys voice down and utilising Francesca Belmonte's voices as a source of light amongst the darkness. The track is due for release on Tricky’s own False Idols imprint on September 30th.

Toro Y Moi - Campo

Chaz Bundwick, the guy behind the Toro Y Moi moniker, has made quite a transformation over these last few years for blog friendly “chillwave” electronica to the more soulful sound he has now seems to settle with. This track, Campo, the A-side from his tour exclusive 7” rides along on an irresistible laid back groove dishing out some chilled-out funk.

The Soft - Painted

Here is my new Discorvery for the week; London-based dance group The Soft. Their upcoming debut EP Uncanny Valley was co-produced by veteran Luke Abbott and is filled with echoes of early Kompakt and The Field. This track, ‘Painted’ is a slow-building, minimal effort, full of understated ambience and delayed guitars. The Uncanny Valley EP is due out September 24 via the Brooklyn based label Ceremony.

Lucious Jackson – Show Us What You Got

I think I might need have a section in this column permanently dedicated to whatever band from the nineties has reformed and is putting out new music each week. Who has reformed this week? Luscious Jackson. Maybe they weren't as big as the Pixies, but they put out three albums on the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label before splitting up in 2000. This is the first track from their new crowdfunded album Magic Hour, out November the 5th on the bands own City Song Imprint.

Jessy Lanza – Move Closer

Jessy Lanza is a Canadian-born electronic R&B artist who has just put out her first album, which saw her working alongside Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys. This track see her covering Phyllis Nellson's pop classic Move Closer giving the track an almost Slowdive-esque dreaminess. You can get this track for free and her new album Pull My Hair Back on Hyperdub came out this week.

Julia Holter - This Is A True Heart

And to finish up this week I though I'd leave you with the latest single form Julia Holter's brilliant album Loud City Song. Lush sounding brass arrangements and Julia's own soft voice fill the scene in her rather strange spy film music video. The album was out in August on Domino Records.

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