Friday, 13 December 2013

Last Week's New Music feat The War On Drugs, Factory Floor, Tacocat and more...

*I'm a bit late posting this one, stay tuned for this week's edition in the next few days*

Welcome back to my weekly run down of of the best new tracks that have popped up over the last week. I've got everything from laid back indie rock to beat driven techno so forget about everything else and treat your ears to some new music.  

The War On Drugs – Red Eyes
My first track this week comes from Philadelphia four-piece The War On Drugs, who bring together americana and motorik rhythms with the size and ambition of a Springsteen live show. Red Eyes, the first single from their forthcoming record, sees them pick up where they left of with 2011's well received Slave Ambient as driving rhythms come together with airy synthesizers and stadium ready melodies. The band's new record Lost In The Dream is out March 2014 on Secretly Canadian.  

Factory Floor – Turn It Up (c2 RMX)

I don't think you could find a more fitting person to remix Factory Floor's noise-leaning take on analogue era dance music than Detroit techno veteran Carl Craig. He follows the percussive template of the original but stretches out and warps the originals sounds, creating space for his heavy 4/4 kick and some future-facing synths. Turn It Up, from Factory Floor's self-titled debut LP, will be released as a single on December 9 on DFA Records, with remixes from Laurel Halo and the above track from Carl Craig.  

Kiasmos – Looped Bringing together the unlikely genres of classical and techno with ease is Kiasmos. The duo is made up of composer ├ôlafur Arnalds and Bloodgroup's Janus Rasmussen. Talking about the track they said “usually the point in our live set where things change from ‘slight head-bobbing chill’ to ‘all right, let’s party!'” and the mix of quiet piano chords around a beat as natural clicks and claps build in ever more complex and percussive layers, the track lulls you into its groove. Never forceful but by the end your immersed in its rhythms. Expect a full length release from the duo sometime in 2014.  

Tacocat - Bridge To Hawaii This brilliantly named Seattle surf-rock group just announced their second album and with it this single, a track all about forgetting about the constant rain and as the title suggests, making for warmer climates. If that alone isn't enough to make the group a success over here in the damp UK then the band's quick-fire pop hooks might just be enough to sway you. The second album from Tacocat, NVM, is out on February 25th 2014 on Hardly Art Records.  

Adult Jazz – Springful Here's a band to look out for over 2014. Adult Jazz are a four piece from Leeds, with Springful from their debut single going from a harmonised, bluesy acapella to lush Dirty Projectors influenced pop with a reversed rhythm and ragged melodies making sure the track never lets up its momentum. Springful will back Am Gone on the band's first single, released 13 January 2014 through Spare Thought.  

Mogwai - The Lord is Out of Control
About a month ago I shared the synth-heavy Remurdered from Mogwai's new record Rave Tapes, andn now the band have made a video to accompany another track from the record titled The Lord is Out of Control. A little more serene than remurdered, this track still shares the prominent use of electronics, with a vocoder providering the main melody through the song, and a slow-paced, filmic approach. Rave Tapes will be released 20th Jan 2014 on Rock Action.

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